We all know solar photovoltaics (PV) is a good choice for Hawaii. The trick to making a good choice a great one lies in your choice of solar providers.

Over the last two decades, Alternate Energy Inc. (AEI) has differentiated itself from other providers in some very meaningful ways. Sales director Craig Kawamura shared key points about the AEI philosophy and how it sets the company apart from the rest.


“First of all, we start with the finest solar product from Mitsubishi,” he said.

“Next, we take the time to train all of our staff on the product, top to bottom, inside and out. Not just installers but electricians, sales, administration and customer service staff — we all need to be well-versed in the benefits of the products we offer and how to install and maintain them so that they last a lifetime.”

More than 60 AEI employees just completed Mitsubishi’s semi-annual onsite training at AEI’s new headquarters in Mapunapuna. Representatives from Mitsubishi US and Japan came to AEI exclusively over a period of several days to present the latest information and techniques in the industry and gain a true understanding of why the manufacturer is light years ahead of what’s currently on the market. No one else in Hawaii does this.



Craig said another point of difference with AEI is its focus on building a true customer relationship. “We’re not just looking to make a quick sale,” he said. “Rather, we’re aiming to educate and make a customer and a friend for life.”

AEI takes the time to sit down for a full consultation with each customer to find out their current usage patterns as well as their needs for the future — will they be purchasing an electric vehicle? Are they considering air conditioning?

AEI is also up to date on the increasing availability of attractive financing packages from local lenders, and can direct customers to the package that is right for them.


Last but not least, AEI’s new showroom will soon boast a rooftop module display so customers can see exactly how the panels, inverters and hook-ups will look and function on their own roof.

“We think all these subtle differences add up to one great company,” said Craig. “AEI is proud to go the extra mile to serve Hawaii’s solar needs.”

contact // 842-5853 (Oahu) • 872-9592 (Maui)
address // 803 Ahua St.
web // www.alternateenergyhawaii.com