Upon entering a home or business, one is sure to notice a beautiful flooring system whether in the form of plush carpet or stunning hardwood.

What goes unseen, however, is what it took to achieve the blend of beauty and functionality through a professional, quality flooring installation. Certified Flooring Installers (CFI) at American Carpet One are poised to adequately handle every step of the job, from prepping the sub-floor to installing the desired flooring option.


“Over 80 percent of manufacturer-related replacements are due to failures of the sub-floor and improper prepping of the new floor,” said Larry Marvel, installation manager at American Carpet One. “Not the floor itself, but what was done incorrectly prior to installation. It’s the things you don’t see that end up becoming problematic.”

Floor coverings include carpet and vinyl tile — anything that covers the floor above the substrate. Prior to a new flooring installation, the skilled installers at American Carpet One inspect underneath the previous floor covering to assess the condition of the substrate, and check for waves and ripples, holes and other imperfections that may cause warping and other costly problems if not corrected. CFIs ensure that any substrate conditions, including the presence of properly functioning carpet tack strips that are strong enough and not rusted out, meet industry standards.


Marvel explained that the experts at American Carpet One utilize scientific techniques such as a calcium chloride test, which is required by all hard-surface flooring manufacturers prior to installation. The 72-hour test tracks the vapor emissions that escape from the substrate over a 24-hour period. Too much vapor raises a red flag, and not addressing the conditions could lead to a new flooring system’s warranty being voided.


With a host of CFI certified installers standing by to assist customers with their flooring dreams and desires, American Carpet One offers customers a means of meeting the highest industry standards.

“Being connected to CFI, we receive constant training updates and installation reviews on different flooring substrate problems and adhesive problems — it’s an ongoing process aided by a pool of resources at our fingertips,” Marvel said.

CFI is an international nonprofit organization established in the early 1990s to train and certify installers with the end goal of ensuring customers that the installers working on their projects are indeed qualified. All journeymen carpet installers at American Carpet One were recently certified by CFI — a first for the industry in Hawaii.

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