Imagine that you are a fine pastry chef who is asked to bake a fantastic three-layer cake for a very important person (VIP) who likes your baking. You mix a batter from scratch with only the finest ingredients, you make homemade frosting from fresh butter and you decorate it with hand-made candied flowers. You have created a masterpiece set atop a crystal cake plate. Your work is done and you hand it over to the staff members that will be serving it.

What happens next? Do they take a nice sharp knife, dipped in warm water to make beautiful, clean cuts and serve it delicately on a fine china plate to your VIP? Or do they carelessly chop it with the side of a fork, cutting messy wedges that are hoisted onto a plate with the help of one of their fingers?


Unfortunately, the latter situation of butchering a cake is comparable to what Shirley Pai Hilton of Kahala Pacific Floors has found to be the case too often with her beautiful Kahala Floors products. This motivated her and her family to enter into the flooring installation business. As with any quality product that will become a permanent part of your home, quality installation is the other half of the story. For the homeowner to realize maximum enjoyment from the product (with minimum headaches), it must be installed properly by a knowledgeable and experienced professional.

The Kahala Floors line of engineered and solid hardwoods is made from the highest grade materials with strict production quality control. If not properly installed, however, all of that doesn’t matter. Even the best materials cannot overcome problems such as inadequate moisture protection, improper subfloor preparation, aesthetic errors in layout and finishing, squeaking or crackling sounds and sometimes even a lack of glue or nails!

“Kahala Floors is our baby and time and again we saw the absolutely crazy things done to our floors and we decided that we had no choice but to try and do it ourselves,” said Hilton.

About a year ago, Hilton decided to partner with industry veteran Allen Canter to form Pacific Flooring Contractors LLC (PFC), and together they offer their customers a combined 55 years of experience in flooring products and installation. Canter is also one of only 200-plus NWFA Certified Flooring Inspectors in the country. This certification enables him to perform official investigations on flooring problems and produce reports which are often used for mediation or litigation. PFC is licensed in wood, stone and carpeting and can handle both residential and commercial projects.


PFC is located at 926 Kohou St. (with Kahala Pacific Floors). For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 847-7711.

contact // 847-7711
address // 926 Kohou St.