Even though landscaping is the last step after the rest of your home renovation has been completed, don’t sell short the importance of planning ahead to make sure you have saved money to redo your yard. More than any room in your house, your outdoor aesthetics will bring you satisfaction and tranquility as you connect back to nature in your own private corner of the world.


The time to start thinking about landscaping is when you begin planning the budget for your home renovation. Talk to your landscaper early on about your ideas and your vision for your yard. Be realistic about how much you can afford, but don’t limit yourself in fantasizing about what your ideal landscaping would look like. By knowing what it will cost to create your dream projects, you can start planning your landscaping budget and find out early on if you will be able to afford your goal all at once or if you will better off building it incrementally. Think of it as dressing your yard: buy the outfit first, then accessorize as funds permit.


Another reason to start planning for your landscaping early on is that there are many decisions to be made. Should you plant stolon grass or sod, and what are the differences? Do you need a high tech sprinkler system or do you live in a part of the island that receives higher than normal rainfall? If you can wait for your plants to grow, you will save money by buying smaller plants. If you can’t afford to landscape your yard all at once, you can consider doing it in sections. Depending on where you live, a well-landscaped yard can even minimize flood damage to your home by incorporating proper drainage.


The experts at LanaiScapes pride themselves in working with budgets of all sizes. They can help you make the best decisions by showing you the cost and practicality of each of the many options. They provide drawings, specs and cost estimates. They can bring down your budget by giving you expert advice that may help you take more advantage of the natural features of your environment, such as rainfall amounts or what grows best in your soil. They can help you plan out your landscaping so that items that may be beyond your current budget could be integrated at a later date. They will help you stay on budget once you have made your decisions.

Whether you landscape your yard all at once or in stages, you will want to have the whole picture before you start. LanaiScapes will work with you from the outset to make sure that you have the full benefit of a realistic budget. The colors, the form, the texture and the focal points are all part of the artistry you will eventually want to achieve so that your yard is not only an art piece, it is also a reflection of you.

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