Now is the perfect time to invest in a solar PV system. Prices are at an all-time low, with today’s more efficient, compact systems costing half as much as comparable installations five years ago. Add generous tax incentives that cover up to 65 percent of the total cost, and the payback on most systems is less than four years. With leasing options like those offered by American Electric, you can even enjoy the benefits of solar without the hassle of tax credits for $0 down.


So why not wait for prices to drop further? That would be risky for several reasons.


First, there is saturation: a limit on the amount of total PV systems that can be placed on any particular circuit. On Maui, where many neighborhoods have reached this limit, the electric company requires a non-refundable $3,000 fee to determine the eligibility of each installation. It’s only a matter of time before circuits become saturated on Oahu as well.

Second, there is not much room for material costs to go down. Panels are being sold for close to their manufactured cost. Many experts feel the cost will actually increase over the next couple years because it is artificially low.


Don’t wait until it’s too late. Start saving today with the electrical contractor that has served Hawaii since 1946, American Electric. You can count on its professionals to maintain your system decades from now. American Electric has been constructing power plants for all major local utilities for nearly 70 years. A PV system is a small power plant built onto your roof, so choose the trusted, experienced power plant experts at American Electric.


Call 440-5098 today to learn how you can start saving with solar energy. American Electric has been providing superior service and peace of mind for kamaaina since 1946.

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