If you are looking to replace windows and doors in your home, where do you start? There are a number of window retailers and contractors in Hawaii to choose from.

The majority of these companies carry one or two major brands or the brand they manufacture. The salespeople for these companies will then highlight what features their products have that they think are unique or better than their competitor’s.

The problem the consumer faces when trying to decide which window to choose is what is best for their home. Which of these features or benefits is in fact needed, how do they compare to other brands, and which ones work best in Hawaii?


Diamond Head Windows & Doors offers more than 25 years of experience in the window business. In that time, it has installed more than 80 percent of the window brands currently available in Hawaii and is familiar not only with the features of each, but more importantly, with how they hold up in a coastal climate that has heavy salt content in the atmosphere, high ultraviolet light (the light that destroys building materials as well as your furniture, window coverings and floors) and heavy rainfall.

Unlike most dealers, the company can offer you a selection of five different brands of windows, show you side-by-side comparisons of how each differs and rate the variance in price and durability among them.

In addition, Diamond Head Windows & Doors made contracts with many of these manufacturers to produce a special coastal package for Hawaii with stainless-steel hardware, heavy-duty screens, Neat glass (for easy cleaning) and superior systems to keep heavy rain from getting inside your home.

While window representatives can make whatever claims or assurances they want to, the proof is in the warranty. What is in writing — especially the fine print? And how stable is the manufacturer who is backing the warranty?

After years of installing windows in Hawaii and meeting with customers, the company has come up with a system that allows you to make an informed decision.


Call president Mark McKinstry at Diamond Head Windows & Doors to set up a free consultation and estimate. He can determine what your needs are, survey the condition of your home and recommend brands and products that fit your needs as well as the demands of the environment in Hawaii.

Take advantage of the company’s spring pricing and recycle rebates as well as its factory direct pricing so you get the best value. Call Mark at 799-8979 to set up a consultation.

You can see for yourself why Diamond Head Windows & Doors is Hawaii’s choice for quality windows, doors and siding.

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