With spring’s arrival, other New Year’s resolutions may be a distant memory but the urge to improve your home can find new life with this time of year. The transition of seasons is a perfect opportunity to refocus on improving yourself and your space.

Repaint and refresh

One of the easiest and quickest ways to refresh the look of your home is with paint. Repainting any room will instantly transform it into a showpiece of your style and taste, while giving you control over the mood of the space.

Keeping up with the latest movement in the world of interior design, Pratt & Lambert Paints recently released its 2013 Color Trends Forecast, which juxtaposes dark and light, bold and subdued and bright and pastel. Highlighting the distinct moods and styles of the everyday and elevating the sensory experience, each of the four collections showcases how contrasting colors can form a very balanced design scheme, perfect for a fresh, balanced start to a new season.

Whether you choose from the Phenomena, Vestiges, Dialects or Curated palette, your renewed room will see the rich color saturation and lasting quality Pratt & Lambert is known to provide. With the help of a skilled painting contractor and the right color selections, in a matter of hours, you can transform any room into a reflection of your personal style and panache.

A different light


You can easily change a room’s entire aura by adjusting how it’s lit. A visit to any home store’s lighting section will reveal seemingly endless options.

Change out a dull overhead light with an elaborate chandelier for a turn-of-the-century look. Standing floor lamps are available in nearly any finish and style and are perfect for a sitting or living area, while wall sconces can create a soft, romantic glow while saving floor space. If you’re not ready to purchase new lighting elements, you can easily renew the look of your space by updating lamp shades, painting the bases or simply rearranging freestanding lights.


Little things can make the biggest difference, and putting finishing touches on a space will give it personality, making it your own. Changing or adding decorative rugs, pieces of art, throw pillows and other furnishings can completely change the feel of a room. Experiment with different styles and materials throughout the room, but avoid going overboard with too many knickknacks, which can create a cluttered, crowded feel. You can also give your home additional sensory appeal by adding aromatic candles or stylish oil diffusers, instantly creating a more inviting space.

With a few focused efforts, you can say goodbye to winter in style, and create a rejuvenated home you’ll be proud to show off throughout the year to come.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.

Cover your bases



That old chair you love might be comfortable, but even one piece of furniture with visibly worn or outdated fabric can ruin the look of an entire room. Fortunately, there is an easy way to create a more on-trend space without having to say goodbye to old favorites.

• Re-upholster old chair cushions with a plush fabric in a bold new pattern or color.

• Re-stain weathered wooden tables and chairs, or paint them a solid color for a modern, chic look.

• You can even purchase pre-made full sofa or armchair covers in a wide variety of styles and fabrics if you are looking for an instant fix.

For the finishing touch, add a few stylish pillows in coordinating colors and any room’s furniture will become like new in no time.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.