As Hawaii’s most damaging pest, ground termites are responsible for nearly $100 million in property damage annually. Their ability to enter homes through miniscule cracks as small as 1/32 inches and eat from the ground up enables them to remain undetected for months or even years. Ground termites are active 24 hours a day and not only destroy wood material, but can also damage plastic plumbing pipes, sub-flooring and even swimming pool liners. Hawaii’s warm, humid climate is ideal for ground termites to thrive and their colonies can number in the millions.

To help local homeowners in the constant battle against ground termites, Island Insurance is the only insurer in Hawaii to offer a breakthrough solution — Ground Termite Coverage.

Unlike traditional termite prevention methods, Island Insurance Ground Termite Coverage includes an annual inspection of your home, and if any ground termite damage is detected and confirmed within the policy period the damage will be repaired at no additional cost. If the inspection reveals active ground termites, Ground Termite Coverage will treat the infestation, then repair the damage. Although many types of preventative ground termite treatments are available, Island Insurance is the only company offering insurance coverage to repair new ground termite damage to your home, regardless of how extensive it may be.

This avoids the headaches of unnecessarily drilling ground treatment holes in your home’s foundation, annually applying termiticides and regularly monitoring numerous baiting stations. Treatment is only applied if needed, saving you time and money. Since Island’s Ground Termite Coverage will repair new ground termite damage to your home, it may be the only method that assures your home’s protection.

Ground Termite Coverage is available as an option with an Island Insurance Homeowners policy for only $23 per month. For more information, contact your Independent Insurance Agent or call Island Insurance at 643-4000.

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