I’m Filipino, not Irish. Nevertheless, I’ve been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day my whole life. This year is no different. I’ll don my green shirt and miniature leprechaun hat, eat corned beef and cabbage, and maybe even have a green beer (or two).

The luck of the Irish, as far as I’m concerned, isn’t reserved for those of Irish descent. My family has been making good-luck habits part of everyday life since before I was born. In the spirit of St. Paddy’s Day, here are five fortuitous practices for your home, from my family to yours.

1. Bless it. Whenever our relatives or close friends move into a new place, they always make sure to have it blessed first. When I moved into my apartment, I’ll admit, I didn’t do this right away. But eventually, my neighbors and I came together and we got several units blessed by a kahu. Better late than never.

2.Go green. Plants symbolize growth, and my mom has always kept them inside the home for good luck. Bamboo, in particular, is renown for being lucky and easy to care for.

3.Keep bags off the floor. This is especially true for a purses, which contain money. (Another superstition: Keep money in all your purses and wallets at all times.) Putting them on the floor means you don’t value what’s inside, so add some tables or hooks to your home to make keeping them elevated effortless.

4.De-clutter. This is easier said than done, especially because I come from a family of pack rats. Although we have a tendency to keep more than we should, none of us will ever block the front door. Doing so would be blocking good fortune, opportunities or even visitors from coming in.

5.Mind the bed. Make your bed every morning to set the tone for the day. Also, make sure there are no mirrors facing the bed and avoid placing it in the direct path of the doorway.

The Irish may have their natural luck, but some of us might have to try a little. These practices are just some of the many superstitions my family follows, but if you want to incorporate some time-told traditions, consider studying up on feng shui. Alice Inoue is a local feng shui expert and just might be able to offer you the guidance you are seeking.