In recent years, the Hawaii community has witnessed an unprecedented surge in photovoltaic (PV) companies. However, as business levels off, companies with little-to-no qualifications are disappearing from the market as quickly as they came in.

Solar Wave remains one of the few PV companies in the community whose business has continued to produce significant profits due to its secure business model and breakthrough technology.


“Most solar companies out there are contractor based, meaning they consist mainly of electricians, roofers or other specialists who happen to do solar as well,” said Wendell Choy, president and chief executive offer of Solar Wave. “When sales plummet, they stop solar and go back to what they were doing before.”

Financially, Solar Wave recognizes the importance of having immediate access to capital and cultivating reserve accounts. The company is better equipped to handle periods of slow business by relying on recurring income from investments in power purchase agreements and commercial sales, which have much less volume fluctuations.


Dedicated to quality service

Consumers whose chosen PV system providers are on the verge of shutting down may soon be left with solar panels that despite still being under warranty have no support. “At Solar Wave, our number one priority is ensuring our clients receive the proper care and maintenance even long after we have installed the panels.


“We are not interested in being known as the company that has the most clients or biggest accounts. What is important is that we do good, solid work for everyone long-term,” said Choy.

Exciting new products

In February, Solar Wave was invited and accepted to be an official authorized provider of Sunpower, a highly efficient brand of solar panels. Another new product, Exceltech, is a panel-inverter combination. This AC integrated panel possesses an above industry standard watt capacity and allows for significant PV savings.

“Most companies have not even considered using comparable technology, because helping customers get the most from their panels is not their interest,” said Josh Akaka, residential sales coordinator of Solar Wave. “They are in the business of selling everyone the same standard panel.”


Learn more about Solar Wave by visiting the company’s new design center at the Westridge Shopping Center in Aiea.

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