Did you know that at Disneyland there are staff members whose only responsibility is to scrape gum off the walkways daily? At Nordstrom, you can go to the spa and dine, having much more of an experience rather than a mere shopping trip. These leaders in client service make sure that every detail is handled with care and excellence. RevoluSun, looking at these leaders in impeccable quality, now seeks to be the frontrunner for client service in Hawaii.


RevoluSun, already a strong service-oriented organization, aims to embody the position of Hawaii’s client focus leader in 2013. “It is important that our customers have a good experience because it’s their homes that we’re dealing with and it’s our values that we’re sharing with them,” said Shawna Lewis, RevoluSun Customer Care director. “We are a local company. We work with our neighbors and our reputation is everything. It’s vital that we give our customers a reason to remember us in a positive light.”


In this world of multitasking and hybridization, RevoluSun focuses their client service values on specialization. Each team member has a specific role and strives to shine in his or her area of expertise. The partners are each involved in a specialized area from marketing to design, working elbow-to-elbow with staff, listening to ideas from all angles and incorporating many initiatives that come from the dedicated and empowered team members. Specialization allows for unmatched quality and focus for the client.

“We had a PV system installed for our home in Waipahu,” recalled RevoluSun customer Louis Shiraishi. “Our experience with everyone — from the sales representative to the installers and everyone in the office who is associated with follow-up and documentation —was very positive. Workers were courteous, helpful and well trained. We have nothing but praise for RevoluSun.”


After Ruby Sager had 16 panels with three inverters installed on the roof of her family home, she was grateful that whenever she had questions they were answered quickly and precisely. “No unrealistic predictions were made either,” she added. “We certainly appreciated their honesty.”


RevoluSun’s staff is experienced, trustworthy and local, which makes for the best results in service, installation and community. As an Elite SunPower dealer, RevoluSun offers the highest power-producing panels as well as a wide variety of panels to fit each and every customer’s needs. RevoluSun also has the most experienced, professional installers in Hawaii’s PV industry. Excellence in the work means extraordinary client service. “We are seeking to be leaders by flexing the maxims of business quality and service,” said Lewis. “We compete on value and experience.”

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