People often get confused when we talk about investing money. When we talk about investing your money, most people think they have to download a trading app uk and invest in the stock market. While yes, this is a valid way of investing your money, you can also invest your money in so many other things — and your house is one of them. Investing in a photovoltaic system for your home is about more than simply installing panels on your roof. It’s about quality components that work together effectively as a unit. Unlike the stock market, a photovoltaic (PV) system is an investment that will yield consistent returns over the next 20-30 years.

Beyond saving money on electric bills, your decision to buy a solar system is a smart financial move. According the National Bureau of Economic Research converting your house to solar energy increases the value of your home by roughly 3.5 percent. With bank accounts paying less than 1 percent interest, an investment in PV is one of the best investments you can make.

As with all investments, you trust that the money you’re spending will produce worry free returns far into the future. When you choose Island Pacific Energy to install a photovoltaic system on your home, your savings are guaranteed. The following is what they mean.



With every residential proposal, Island Pacific Energy analyzes the unique aspects of your home and produces an energy generation estimate. The estimate takes into account your home’s location, the direction it faces, the pitch of your roof and sunlight data from the last 50 years. This data is fed into their computer program to calculate how much energy your system will produce.

Island Pacific Energy is so confident in their calculations that they back it with a production guarantee. If the system does not produce the level of energy promised, Island Pacific Energy will pay the difference. Island Pacific Energy is the only company in Hawaii that will provide this guarantee.

Along with the guaranteed savings, Island Pacific Energy makes it easy to purchase a PV system. The company’s comprehensive proposal shows you how much your system will cost as well as multiple financing options so you can choose the best way to pay for your system.

For information on the guaranteed savings, contact Island Pacific Energy at 377-4570 or www.islandpacificenergy.com.

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