Photovoltaic (PV) systems have become increasingly popular among homes and businesses and consumers have been seeing their electric bills decrease to virtually nothing. Even with Hawaii’s lucrative tax credits, PV systems can still be costly for some. EnergyPro Hawaii has stepped up with affordable energy saving options for Hawaii residents.

Commonly the largest consumer of electricity in the average home is water heating. Many homes have already been outfitted with efficient water heating systems, and by law, any new construction requires the installation of a solar hot water system. But there are still many homes that rely on inefficient water heating systems that can contribute to a high electric bill. There are a few different types of water heating solutions, Solar Hot Water Heaters, Tankless Gas Systems and Hybrid Heat Pumps. Each of these are upgrades to an electric heater and have unique benefits that can help reduce electricity costs by as much as 40 percent.


A Solar Hot Water Heating System is typically the upgrade of choice for most Hawaii residents, and currently Hawaii Energy is offering a $1,000 rebate on any Solar Hot Water System installation from now until May 24, 2013. Combined with state and federal tax credits, this makes upgrading to a solar hot water system a no-brainer!


Recently the usage of Hybrid Heat Pumps have risen in Hawaii homes. Utilized for more specific applications where space is limited and the number of people in the household is low, Hybrid Heat Pumps have become a viable solution. By using Tax credits are also available for Hybrid Heat Pumps making them affordable to all.

For homes supplied with gas, Tankless Gas Systems should be considered as an option for your water heating needs. Tankless Gas Systems take up very little space, are energy efficient and also are reasonably priced.


EnergyPro Hawaii specializes and is licensed in the installation of the above water heating solutions, making them experts in energy conservation. Once they have helped you reduce your bill with other inexpensive options, they can then assist you with your PV system to help offset the rest of your electricity usage.

For further questions or to schedule a free consultation and estimate, contact EnergyPro Hawaii today.

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