At first glance, a solar leasing program may seem enticing. Catchy terms like “No money down!” and “Get it now!” will warrant interest from any homeowners with photovoltaics (PV) on their shopping list. And with a fixed monthly payment that’s less than your current electric bill, why not lease? What if you could get access to high quality, Tier 1 PV panels from a qualified integrator without a lease?


Risource Energy is “excited to head Hawaii’s CIS market and to link our customers to a viable financial option,” said president Darren Furumoto.


Customer Mike Chibana installed a PV system through Risource Energy “for his daughter’s future” and as a long-term solution for energy. “When you get a $16 electric bill, it makes you very happy!” Risource Energy is “a good company — good workers, fair pricing and quality workmanship.”

If Chibana had signed with a solar leasing company, 2013 and his future may have been radically different (see comparison chart).

Risource customers not only have access to the latest CIS technology, but to the majority of the same benefits of a leasing company through the “Risource financing option.”

It’s a win-win for all — homeowners and families alike, the environment and our local economy. Take control of your family’s financial and renewable energy future now!


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