“Another year … another year older” is a statement that we hear so often. As we get older, we all face different challenges in life. It could be the simple things in life like stepping over a bath tub or even lifting ourselves off a water closet (toilet) that becomes a chore. If you or someone you know fits into this category, you may want to consider a few options to help overcome these obstacles.

One solution you may consider is to convert your tub into a shower with a step-over (between 4and 6-inches high). If this option does not work for you, D’s Plumbing can also build a ramp type entry where there is no step-over at all. Owner Frank Duarte will be happy to show you all of these options, including safety grab bars and a personal hand-held shower spray — all to help with your comfort and safety. Also, some people prefer a tub enclosure and others a shower curtain (whether it be a straight or curved rod). Either way, D’s Plumbing will install it for you.


Within all of these different options, there are different finished products available such as large ceramic tiles for your walls and smaller tiles for the inner shower floor. Another popular product would be cultured marble, which comes in various colors to choose from. These come in large sectional panels tailored to fit your tub/shower walls along with a custom-fabricated shower pan made of the same materials. Your inner and outer corners are sealed and trimmed for a better, finished look with cultured marble moldings.


Within all of its bath and kitchen renovations, D’s Plumbing also installs new cabinets, countertops, new light fixtures, additional lighting, flooring, drywall and paint. The positive side of doing all of these jobs is you would only be dealing with one contractor instead of three or more — making everything a lot easier for you, the customer. All these packages include personal care and attention from Frank, who has more than five decades of experience in plumbing, and more than three decades in business as a plumbing and general contractor.

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