The recent BIA-Hawaii show was a great place to see a variety of home improvement products. It seems the interest level in the show has increased if you take the size of the crowd into consideration.

There was also an apparent theme: If you want to save money, you have to spend money. This makes sense, right? There’s a well-known phrase that says if you buy quality, you buy once. If you buy price, you buy twice.


Investing in home improvements is an essential part of homeownership. What happens if you never invest in your home other than just paying the mortgage? Ten years go by quickly and that leaky faucet is still leaking. Oftentimes, investing in one project per year insures that your investment will be more valuable than when you first purchased your home.

One of the best ways to save money is to make your home environment more energy efficient with simple things like changing the windows in your home. Now there’s an idea!


Not all windows are alike. Some windows are more efficient than others. Remember that with tax credits a few years ago, if you invested in energy-efficient products, you received a credit towards that investment? Well regardless of the credit, energy efficiency is now the fore-front in many products for your home. Not all windows are built to this standard; some are built around price.


When the credits went away, some products went back to building around price instead of a higher standard. Take the Anlin brand of energy efficient vinyl frame windows, for example. The company’s standard is to use the very best quality vinyl frame, the thickest dual-pane glass and the most energy-efficient products in the industry.

Here are a few reasons to compare your window choices with Anlin:

1. Infiniti E Plus from Anlin blocks UV by 95 percent.
2.The vinyl frame is .080 thick.
3. Dual-pane glass has double strength glass (1/8 inch). Others use single-pane glass (1/16 inch). Anlin is now offering a Sound/Security Package on Triple Strength sound-damping glass for no extra cost (offer expires Feb. 15).
4. Windows-Hawaii offers a lifetime installation warranty.
5. Anlin windows exceed Energy Star ratings by up to 45 percent.

These are just a few reasons to check out Anlin — exclusively distributed and installed by Windows Hawaii. Call the company for a free home demonstration and consultation at 671-0808 or 373-7233.

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