With so many photovoltaic (PV) companies currently competing for business from Hawaii homeowners, Solar Wave relies on its commitment to intellectual design to set the company apart.

“Rather than sell the same panels to everyone, our team of electrical design engineers work very hard to ensure the design of our panels are tailor-made to ensure the best possible performance from every home,” said president and chief executive officer Wendell Choy.


After starting a storage business in 2007, Choy began researching PV systems as a way to maintain the facility’s electrical needs. He quickly took an interest in learning more about solar electricity. “I read everything I could get my hands on,” said Choy. “Soon after, we landed two big projects with Punahou School and BJ Furniture Mart.”

Borrow money to save money

As the price of fuel rises, more homeowners are turning to solar electricity as a means of cutting costs.

“Everyone has an electricity bill,” said Lance Kamisato, Solar Wave’s sales manager. “Using a PV system could bring your bill down to the bare minimum, which is currently about $17 a month.”

Consumers concerned with the high cost of installing a PV system will be happy to learn with most systems the monthly payment to the bank is less than the value of the home’s normal electrical bill. “This is one of the few times where businesses and homeowners can borrow money to save money,” said Choy.


Visit the PV design center


To better inform customers about PV system installation, Solar Wave has launched a new PV design center located at the Westridge Shopping Center in Aiea.

Open from Monday to Friday during regular business hours, the design center will allow customers to meet with PV system consultants, ask questions and compare the different designs available. “People need to see and touch what is going on their roof,” said Choy.

The showroom comes equipped with a multitude of sample panels and mock rooftops, so visitors can analyze the different roof attachment methodologies. “We match every PV system with the specific needs of the customer,” said Choy.

“Proper design ensures reliability and superior performance,” said Choy. “What works for one house may not be best for another house, so the showroom will help customers see what choices are available and why our recommendations are valid.”


Solar Wave’s showroom is located at Westridge Shopping Center in Aiea. Call 488-7399.

contact // 488-7399
address // Westridge Shopping Center, 98-150 Kaonohi St. B-116