People in Hawaii not only enjoy, but embrace, outdoor living. Our tropical, breezy weather allows for a blending of the indoors and out at home. Whether you have an expansive yard in the country or a small lanai in town, locals are fortunate enough to enjoy outdoor spaces year-round.

Connecting with nature

“With the spring and the feelings of renewal it brings, we at Geobunga suggest considering gifts for your garden or any green space which gives back to you throughout the seasons,” said Andrew Dedrick, Geobunga executive director. “People have this primal need to connect to nature, that’s why you see parks in urban areas and home gardens. Caring for plants, or growing your own herbs is very satisfying in so many ways, and very simple when you know how. We at Geobunga can educate you and give you the tools to create a natural environment you can enjoy for years to come.”

Health benefits


Spending time connecting with nature brings a myriad of benefits, added Kasey Baldonado, Geobunga executive manager. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention labels gardening “moderate cardiovascular exercise.” In fact, 45 minutes of gardening can burn as many calories as 30 minutes of aerobics. If you don’t have 30 minutes to dedicate to gardening, try breaking it up. Fifteen minutes of watering in the morning and 15 minutes of weeding in the evening provides a way to de-stress, avoids the hottest part of the day and gets you moving.

“Cultivating a container garden, planting an herb bed, pruning flowers, creating a water garden or designing a Japanese rock garden can provide a sense of tranquility, peace and accomplishment,” Baldonado said. She noted that a garden — large or small — can provide the following benefits to Hawaii residents:

• Grow your own organic produce and herbs
• Create a beautiful gathering space for friends and family
• Encourage kupuna to get fresh air and exercise
• Provide a way to disconnect from the TV, while spending time with family

“Hawaii itself is a celebration of natural beauty, and residents everywhere can capture this and bring it home,” Baldonado said. “At Geobunga, we can help you find the best gifts for your garden space.”

Learn how-tos


Geobunga kicks off its free educational seminar series March 2, and seminars will be hosted every month through the summer. Everyone is invited to learn something new, brush up on a skill or share their experience with other novices. With topics ranging from water plants and bamboo to rock gardens and container gardening, there’s something for everyone.

Geobunga is Hawaii’s best resource for landscapes and hardscapes. Providing unique garden elements from all over the world and the best prices, selection and service, each visit brings something to discover. Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary at Geobunga.


• March 2, The Edible Garden
• March 16, Water lilies and water plants
• March 30, Container gardening


Seminars are held:
• 9 a.m. at Geobunga, 4299 Lawehana St. in Salt Lake
• 2 p.m. at Geobunga Windward, 41-829 Kakaina St. in Waimanalo Reserve your spot at

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Photos by Nathalie Walker