If you want the very best in electrical and solar contracting, look no further than Ron D Electrical Service LLC in Waipahu.

“I really take pride in providing honest, reputable service,” said owner Ron D. “I’m not one to shy away from challenges, and I always try to ensure that the customer is happy when I leave a job. That’s why a lot of my original customers from when we first opened still call me back for new projects.”



Ron, 41, opened his own business in 2005 after working for another electrical firm for 13 years. “I’d gone through the electrician’s program at Honolulu Community College and attained journeyman’s rank at work (given only after five years and 10,000 hours of experience), but I’d always wanted to be an electrical contractor.”

The Waipahu High School grad first opened his business out of his own home, working alone. “Those days I was working from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.,” he recalled.

After growing his firm to 11 electrical workers and two office staff, Ron moved his company to his mother’s house three years ago and if things continue to go well, he may need to move to a commercial storefront location soon.

“We’re unionized, licensed and bonded, and we’ve done all sorts of jobs — both commercial and residential — but now we’d like to emphasize the advantages of photovoltaics (solar systems) to homeowners.”


Doing business as 1st Class Solar, Ron’s company can help install your solar panels from start to finish (many folks don’t realize an electrical contractor’s license is required for this), at a cost lower than most other firms. “I normally only charge $1,100 a panel,” said Ron, “while many others charge $1,500 to $1,700.

“And we work more efficiently, but follow all standard codes and installation procedures. I sometimes see houses we haven’t worked on showing what we call ‘spaghetti’ piping — piping on the outside of the home — which doesn’t complement the exterior of the house at all. We don’t take those sorts of shortcuts and always route the wiring through the attic.”


Solar power is the trend now and is highly attractive because it’s environmentally friendly, free, it helps lower your electrical bill and there still is a tax incentive (30 percent from both the state and federal governments). Additionally, new technology has made the panels more efficient and cost-effective.

“I just want to help customers obtain a quality system at a reasonable cost,” said Ron, “and I think we have an excellent reputation for doing so.”


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