Every homeowner wants the best for his or her home, and oftentimes the importance of window coverings is overlooked. Commonly, window coverings are the last item purchased when renovating or furnishing a home. The truth of the matter is that window coverings play an important role in maintenance, upkeep and appeal of your home. Plantation shutters are the best window coverings on the market, and G&S Shutter Designs believes it has the best plantation shutter in Hawaii.

G&S Shutter Designs stands firm behind its Polycore Shutter, which benefits homeowners fivefold. Easy maintenance, energy efficiency, longevity, insulation and elegance are the five main benefits of plantation shutters. Although plantation shutters require a slightly larger upfront investment than other window covering options, the longterm benefits prove to be well worth it, especially for Hawaii homeowners.


Being that plantation shutters are a higher priced product than most other window coverings, G&S Shutter Designs attempts to make it easier on homeowners with its competitive pricing. The company believes it has the most affordable pricing for the highest quality shutters on the island.

“We really just want to offer our customers a high-quality product along with the best price on the island,” said G&S Shutter Designs owner Gavin Shibuya. “Our goal is to create positive relationships with our customers, provide superior products and excel in customer service throughout the whole process from point-of-sale through installation,” stated Shibuya.

Polycore Shutters are built to last

The quality and strength of G&S Shutter Designs Polycore Shutters are unmatched in today’s shutter industry. The technology of aluminum co-extrusion is the signature aspect that differentiates the Polycore Shutter from all other planation shutters on Hawaii’s market. “The additional strength of aluminum throughout our shutter allows us to take our single shutter panels up to 36 inches in width, which ensures that our louvers will not sag or warp,” said Shibuya. This technology proves to be of utmost importance — especially in Hawaii, where homes take a beating because of drastic weather changes and harsh elements such as sun, moisture and salt.


The Polycore Shutter is the world’s only solid synthetic shutter with a co-extruded aluminum core. All of the rails, stiles and louvers are reinforced with an aluminum core. They have a baked-on waterborne paint and are both fire-retardant and moisture-resistant. The Polycore Shutter comes in five different shades of white, three different louver sizes and a variety of framing options. This allows customers to tailor their shutters to match any interior decor.

G&S Shutter Designs has been in business for seven years and has many satisfied customers all over the island. The company’s professionals are young, motivated and determined individuals who take pride in their work and strive to be the best shutter company on the island. “We have completed many projects over the years, which include Kahala Nui, St. Francis Hospice and we currently handle the development Ka Makana at Hoakalei,” said Shibuya. It is a small local business that strongly believes in customer service and exceptional workmanship.

Every window is treated in a custom manner specifically tailored to the needs of that particular home. “G&S Shutter Designs has the experience to handle any job and we treat each and every home as if they were our own,” claimed Shibuya.


G&S Shutter Designs aims to beautify and protect Hawaii homes, one window at a time. It offers the most technologically advanced shutter, affordable pricing and exceptional workmanship on the island. Contact G&S Shutter Designs today so you can enhance your home with the finest window coverings offered at the best price.

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Photos courtesy of G&S Shutter Designs