If anybody was to ask you what type of window best describes Hawaii, you would probably say a jalousie, and for good reason. Jalousies have been a part of Hawaii for generations. They offer 93 percent natural ventilation from cooling trade winds when open and can be set in various suitable positions on rainy days. They do not impede on walkways and, depending on your blade type, they can offer full, unobstructed views or total blackout.

Over the years, however, Hawaii residents have found many faults with old-style aluminum clip jalousies. When closed, they don’t seal tight and allow water and dirt to get in. While running the air conditioner on those hot summer days, the cool air seeps right out through the cracks. All the exposed hardware deteriorates and seizes in our harsh salty environment, resulting in blades falling out, which could lead to harm, property damage and theft.


Herein lies the challenge. Open, it’s the perfect window for Hawaii. Closed, it’s another story. This is where Breezway comes in.


With more than 60 years of louver design and manufacturing experience worldwide, Breezway took these concerns to heart and designed louver window systems specifically to suit the needs and challenges of Hawaii’s homes and condos. With safety, security and performance in mind, these systems are locally manufactured at the company’s Halawa factory. They are produced in a variety of configurations and colors with various blade, handle, screen and security options. In fact, the Breezway iOS louver window is currently the only operable louver window in the United States tested and certified to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.

While Breezway louvers look similar to a jalousie and share the same benefits when open, they share none of the drawbacks when closed. Sealing tight to wind, water and noise, you can also run your air conditioner and not lose the cold air. All hardware is concealed and made from non-corrosive materials while meeting and exceeding new-building and energy-code requirements.


Recently, Breezway introduced a new louver system called Stronghold. It incorporates a pinning system that goes through the blades and secures them from the interior of the home, providing increased security and safety with the window fully open or closed. The Stronghold also ensures that blades won’t fall out, which is especially important in high-rise applications.

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