To help homeowners learn about what’s new in the window and door market, Diamond Head Windows & Doors general manager Mark McKinstry drew upon his years of experience to answer a few questions about the company’s exciting new products.

Q: What is the reason for the rapid expansion of Diamond Head Windows?

A: After twenty-five years in the windows business, my brother and I realized that we needed products that specifically addressed the problems that the climate in Hawaii presents. We wanted to address issues such as hardware that would not deteriorate like most styles currently available and sold in Hawaii. We use stainless-steel hardware throughout our products.

People in Hawaii want the maximum ventilation that they can get without the drawbacks of jalousie windows. We have come up with windows that provide both ventilation, security and prevention from wind-driven rain entering the home.


We also have specially built screens that hold up to the salt and wind, and can be easily removed for cleaning from inside the home. Additionally, we offer a lifetime screen warranty and installation warranty and have the best overall warranty in Hawaii.


Our company also offers a variety of colors in vinyl windows and doors beyond the typical white or tan. Our Amerimax windows are available in 10 exterior colors. We just installed windows in a home at 1316 Piikoi St. in green that beautifully integrate with the home.

Q: What’s new in the window and door market? A: As with any industry, there are always new innovations and products. We just finished attending the International Builders Show in Las Vegas and we regularly meet with manufacturers.

If you have ever traveled to Europe, you might have encountered windows that not only slide back and forth, but also swing inwards and tilt backwards.

While these features are perfect for Hawaii, the issue has been building them with stainless-steel hardware. We now have an exclusive distributorship with German-based manufacturer Rehau, a company that can produce windows and sliding doors with features like tilt-in (providing ventilation even during wind-driven rainstorms) and swing-in options. These are vinyl frames that are hurricane-rated and suitable for high-rise condominiums.

Q: Why are windows and doors so expensive in Hawaii?

A: Like all products coming to Hawaii, we have substantial shipping costs. Part of our move to establish a new company was to eliminate overhead, middlemen and unnecessary costs. We purchase direct from the manufacturers and pack our own containers on the Mainland to cut costs. With 25 years of experience in window replacement, we know how to deliver top-quality brands efficiently and for below-market prices.

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