Akamai Pest Solutions has treated more than 200 homes in 2012 and looks forward to treating many more in 2013. The company also works with property managers and commercial business owners to take care of any termite problems involving all commercial properties — even boats.

Homeowners and business owners are so grateful that they don’t have to move out or close their businesses to get termite treatments done. They don’t have to bag food; stay in a hotel; risk roof, gutter and plant damage; and they certainly don’t have to hire a security guard to keep their homes and businesses safe from burglary. XT-2000 orange oil is designed to wick through wood and kill drywood termites and their eggs. It’s an organic treatment, so it’s a safer alternative for children, pets or anyone who has health concerns. It’s also better for our environment.

Akamai Pest Solutions also does ground treatments for nasty Formosan subterranean termites. For this termite, we have to use a regular termiticide, not one that is organic. Many of our customers have used Akamai for both of their termite treatments.

The process begins with a very thorough inspection of the structure. The inspection will tell the pest experts where the termites are. The next step is to treat all the infested areas with XT-2000 orange oil. Again, treatments can be done while a homeowner or business owner is present. Akamai Pest Solutions then warranties the structure for a period of time, usually two years. It also does annual inspections to make sure no new infestations have occurred and that re-treatment isn’t necessary. After two years, the warranty can be extended annually so the client never has to tent his or her structure again.

Give Akamai Pest Solutions a call and talk to one of its professionals about your termite problems. The company services Oahu, Maui, the Big Island and Lanai.

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