Looking for simple and quick ways to add some spice up your abode? Get your home looking its best with some easy home improvement projects and seasonal inspirations. By making a few simple updates and adding new design pieces to your home, you can give your home that makeover its been needing:

Add a splash of new color

Painting is the easiest way to make a dramatic and instant impact on a room. Consider areas of your home that’ll get the most notice, like your dining room, kitchen, guest bath, foyer and even guest bedrooms. If you’re interested in a quick project, consider painting one wall of a room as an accent wall. You’ll create a new focal point for the room that can be easily achieved by going a shade darker, brighter or complementing the existing wall color.

For the best results whether you’re painting entire rooms or just couple of walls, pick up a Purdy White Dove roller cover. A high-density cover created to produce smooth and lint-free results, White Dove covers work with all latexand oil-based paints and stains and are available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. With a lint-free design, White Dove covers reduce the worry of shedding, while the woven Dralon fabric adds to the smooth and uniform finished appearance. Using the right tool reduces the amount of time spent painting so you’ll be done with this project in a flash.

Decorate cheerfully


To quickly accent neutralor solid-colored furniture, add colorful, patterned throws and pillows. The additional throws will provide warmth and bright pillows will increase the personality of any room.

Brighten up

Consider updating your current light fixtures or bulbs to brighter ones to increase the lighting in your home — both inside and out. Adding ambient, candlelight will also make your home feel cozier, helping you to unwind after a long day. Candles don’t have to be limited to sitting on table tops or in hurricanes — install wall sconces and decorative wall art pieces containing tea light candles for additional style. For added safety and mobility, chose battery-operated lighting options for homes with children and pets. These not only work great during power-failures and storms, but also illuminate dark areas such as closets that may not have electrical lines for installation.

By taking the steps, you’ll find more time to enjoy yourself at home.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.