Clearly, windows are one of the most cost-effective ways to save energy for your home. Yet, the science of how and why replacing your windows is so important, especially in Hawaii’s tropical climate, is often-times overlooked.

Just take a look around your home and count the number of openings. How many windows and doors do you find? Is the number 10, 15 or closer to 20?


Your roof protects the interior of your home, the floors support its foundation and the walls hold everything together. But the windows are what allow light in and for air to flow freely from room to room.

Sometimes, this may not be such a great thing, especially when you are trying to control the comfort level of your home. But with the advent of coatings on the inside of dual-pane glass, energy loss can result in energy savings of up to 38 percent.

In warm climates, such as our island home, Anlin Windows can help you reduce your energy use and cut cooling costs.

The first step is introducing coating systems and spacers to your windows.


There are other dual-pane windows that have similar coatings and similar spacers, but none can compete with the combination of Infinit-e Plus glazing system and Platinum Elite spacers, only available by Anlin Windows.

Infinit-e Plus is a high-performance glazing system that is state-of-the-art in window technology. Used together with Platinum Elite spacers, the industry’s most efficient spacer option, and your windows will be even more cost effective and efficient.

The next step in creating high-performance windows for your home looks at the exterior of the glass. Anlin’s Infinit-e Plus High Performance Glazing System has a unique surface coating that uses the clean science of combining silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide to the outer surface of the glass. This process creates a chemical reaction with the sun’s UV rays that literally decomposes organic materials — dust, dirt and scum — on the spot, resulting in a smoother surface of glass that makes it possible to enjoy the beautiful views with a lot less work on your end. Think of it like “self-cleaning glass.”


The most important investment you can make is in your home. As a leader in home improvements, Windows Hawaii can help answer your questions, address your energy concerns and provide solutions when it’s time to replace your windows or paint your siding.

You can learn more by calling Windows Hawaii today at 671-0808 and asking for a free brochure on sustainable window technology. Or go online to to learn more.

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