This year is coming to a close, and in Hawaii, the new year brings renewal and renovation to our lives. One of our customs is to clean out the old and bring a renewed freshness to our homes. What better way than to finally make our dream kitchens, bathrooms, flooring or homes into a reality?

Many homeowners plan on renovating their homes and kitchens at the beginning of the year. What they don’t realize is that in order to begin renovations in January or February with quality materials, they need to start planning in November and December in order to have their homes measured and the estimates and design work done. Because we live in Hawaii, materials need to be ordered from the Mainland with a fabrication and shipping time of one to two months.


Many homeowners hesitate to take the first step in renovating because they worry about finding, working with and coordinating between all the different vendors, designers and contractors involved. As a result, many homeowners put off the renovations that they want, living unhappily in spaces they want to change, and another year goes by.

CS Design Builders specializes in the one-stop, turnkey solution to a homeowner’s renovation worries. The company works with you for a free measure and estimate, and helps you with designing and selecting what you want. Then it makes sure that even when working with multiple vendors, you won’t have to worry about coordinating with them. The company takes care of all your worries during the renovation process and manages in-house builders who work on your home. CS Design Builders handles your entire renovation from the beginning all the way to the finishing touches with one point of accountability and contact.

CS Design Builders customer Mason Allbritten said, “I put off getting my renovation because of all the stories of having such a hard time working with so many different stores and contractors, and how they got ripped off by the sketchy ones. But once I started working with CS Design Builders, I was so happy because I finally got my dream kitchen without the headache, and everything went so smoothly all in one place.”


Take the first step this month in making your dream renovation come true in time for the new year, and call CS Design Builders for a free measure and estimate today.

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