Have you been thinking recently that there is so much to do in preparation for the holidays? Company is coming over, you have to get the guestroom ready and what will you do about the bathroom if the sink and shower faucets are all spotted and the shower doors are an embarrassment?

If your in-laws are critical or you’re just frustrated trying to get the shower doors clean and the spots and streaks off the windows, then you need to talk to Harald von Sydow, director of Nano Tek-On.


Harald has a great deal of experience working with nanotechnology, and he has used it to put an end to stubborn water spots on bathroom and kitchen fixtures as well as shower doors. Harald installs a little unit called HydroFlow — the result of his knowledge of nanotechnology — in homes throughout Oahu. HydroFlow stops limescale and calcium buildup from forming in plumbing.

“This is the same buildup that causes the water spots on shower doors and bathroom fixtures,” said Harald. “Once we clean the doors and seal them, a HydroFlow unit attached to the plumbing in the house — it’s an easy installation with no cutting of pipes — will keep most spots from re-forming. HydroFlow works like magic. It has a ton of benefits, including making water-using appliances last longer, since it reduces corrosion — one of our biggest enemies here in Hawaii.”

Some of the other major benefits of a HydroFlow unit are that it is environmentally friendly and saves water usage. It uses no chemicals, increases energy efficiency and is maintenance-free.


Harald suggested that when you install HydroFlow, have the folks at Nano Tek-On clean the glass surfaces, tiles and grout first, then coat them with a permanent, non-stick invisible coating — another result of nanotechnology. The combination will cut your cleaning time by as much as 90 percent.

If you have stone surfaces in your home (kitchen/bathroom counters and/or flooring) and you remember how nice they looked when they were new, Harald said that nanotechnology also makes it possible to restore these surfaces to their original luster. He explained how coating the surfaces fills in the stone’s pores, creating an invisible shield.

So now you know how to stop your in-laws from wagging tongues. Faucets will shine and glass shower doors, tile and grout will gleam. And the eco-conscious members of your family will be so proud of you for using a green solution. You don’t have to tell them about HydroFlow; it is hidden from view, silent and doesn’t change the taste of the water.


Nano Tek-On specializes in environmentally friendly surface treatments, including sealants for glass and natural stone, antimicrobial coatings and self-cleaning surfaces. To learn more, call 395-2996 or visit www.nanotekhi.com.

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