Having family and friends over for the holidays is always a festive occasion and a time to relax and enjoy lasting memories. Perhaps Grandma and the aunties are in the kitchen preparing a feast, others are watching sports or “talking story” and all the children seem to be everywhere.

No matter where the relatives are in your home this holiday season, the one place that is often overlooked, but frequently used by all, is the bathroom. Revive your bathroom with a few of these quick fixes:

Change out your accessories


Replace your old tarnished accessories with shiny up-to-date fixtures. In Hawaii’s harsh climate, metal-finished fixtures can quickly begin to fade and show their age. TOTO® shower heads, tub spouts, faucets and accessories can rejuvenate the look of a bathroom and are easily changed in a single day.

Update your vanity

Replacing your vanity can instantly enhance the entire look of your bathroom. Are you lacking space in your bathroom? Do you need more storage? Reducing the size of your vanity can make your bathroom appear larger and still accommodate your storage needs. Modern vanities from RONBOW® are preassembled all-hardwood furniture pieces that incorporate design, functionality and storage.

Mix and match to make your own custom-designed bathroom.

Switch out your old toilet


Replace that old, stained toilet bowl. Switch to a water-efficient comfort height toilet from TOTO® to accommodate Grandma’s frequent trips to the restroom. Choosing a sleek skirted one-piece toilet will make cleaning a breeze and is sure to make your cousins jealous. Focusing on a strong, balanced flush is a must when the whole family “drops in.”

Add a washlet

Nothing says clean, convenient and comfortable like a brand new Washlet® from TOTO® Everyone will “ooh” and “aah” as they take notice of your high-tech “heinie” hygiene. With the whole family visiting, the Washlet’s cleaning features will spare you from the embarrassment of running out of toilet paper. Step up to a model with a built-in air purifier to assure that the only smell in your home is holiday cooking. TOTO® Washlets can be installed in less than half an hour and will make an immediate impression.

Looking for more helpful ideas? Come by The Bathroom Store’s Platinum Showroom soon to see its new products. Happy Holidays from The Bathroom Store!

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