To say that Frank Duarte is knowledgeable when it comes to construction and remodeling is a gross understatement. After all, the general contractor has been honing his craft as an integral cog in the family business since before Hawaii was declared a state.

The spry 73-year-old is passionate about his work, and his eyes light up when talking about using his skills to help people improve their homes, while also accommodating various budgetary constraints. After learning the ropes with his father at the helm, Duarte — the oldest of three boys in his family — started D’s Plumbing more than 31 years ago.


While plumbing is one of D’s fortes, Duarte enjoys exterior and full-home renovations — all the way down to intricate details such as landscaping — because, as he puts it, “with pipes, once you’re done with the work, they’re covered up and you don’t get to see the finished product. I wanted to present the work we do and display the craft.” D’s does it all, from new homes to additions, and making dreams of exquisite kitchens and bathrooms a reality.

Duarte is an expert at replacing aged materials with modern alternatives, including swapping out old, dark wood to enhance lighting and replacing galvanized piping with copper. Other techniques, including modernizing bathrooms by expanding shower areas to accommodate the disabled, or adding housings in a kitchen to free up more space by getting a microwave off the counter, are just a few in Duarte’s arsenal.

“It’s all about the details,” Duarte said. “In today’s times, you have to meet the customers’ budget and present something to them where they won’t have to struggle down the road,” Duarte said. “We make sure that the customers are comfortable and we work within their means.”


On a recent job, a customer asked Duarte to fully renovate a rental unit with the goal of selling it quickly. The home was finished, listed and sold within two weeks, and thanks to the improvements, it fetched more than the initial asking price.

Duarte reminds current and potential customers that renovations can pose unforeseen difficulties, especially when hidden obstacles are exposed midway through the job. The crafty veteran relies on his “years of experience” when working through such challenges, and puts customers’ fears to rest with his ability to adjust on the fly. As Duarte said, “If you have a house, especially with a wooden floor, you can do anything!”

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