Envision performing a bend, stretch, twist, turn, duck and reach. No, this isn’t boot camp. This is you making dinner. Fortunately, CS Design Builders pays attention to kitchen ergonomics and function, creating kitchens that are designed to encourage productivity, efficiency and comfort combined with real-world kitchen function. With careful planning, working in your kitchen can become a pleasure, not a pain, and can make you more efficient and enjoy cooking in your kitchen.

Effective ergonomics and building functionality and organization into your kitchen change an old, frustrating kitchen into one that makes you love to spend time in the space again, and helps you love to cook and bake again. Simple things like taking into consideration whether you are leftor right-handed matter in design, and can make a world of difference.


Having organized drawers for your cutlery and silverware, trash cans that pull out from a drawer, racks that pull out completely from beneath your sink (so you don’t have to go reaching around back there) and from inside deep cabinets keep you from having to bend down and dig around for what you are looking for. With one simple pull, everything becomes accessible, from organized spice racks to racks that store your large pots and pans. Even tall pantries become functional parts of your kitchen with folding-out pantry storage.

With large, wide cabinets and large drawers for plates, cookware and small appliances, you can slide out, see and retrieve the contents easily without ducking and crawling into cabinets. For CS Design Builders customer Janet Lee, who had difficulty with having to bend, reach, stretch and deal with disorganization in her old kitchen, working with CS Design Builders to design a functional, ergonomic kitchen changed her life and helped her start cooking wonderful meals again.

Even the countertop material counts with kitchen function. Granite is inexpensive and when cold is one of the best surfaces to prepare baked goods on, especially pastries. Parts of countertops can even be made with beautiful butcher block countertops so you can have enormous amounts of space to prepare your cooking on. CS Design Builders even has an in-house chef to teach you about the ergonomics of cooking and design.

Make an appointment with CS Design Builders today to begin designing and building your dream ergonomic, functional kitchen. You’ll love the results and love cooking in your kitchen again.


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