One of the biggest trends in home decorating involves bringing the indoors outside, and vice versa. We can enjoy paradise weather year-round, so it’s no big surprise that blending indoor and outdoor spaces tops the wish list of many Hawaii homeowners.

The best part? You don’t need a large space to achieve the look. You can pull off this trend with some key products. The experts at Geobunga recommend the following five things to use indoors or out:

Gem-polished river rock

These rocks serve many purposes, and are often used as a finishing touch. Place them in vases indoors, or along landscaping outdoors. They also make for great massage stones and shiny accents in a rock garden.

Self-contained water feature


Possibilities abound that work both inside the home or outdoors. Many come pre-assembled, but you can also make your own. You’ll need four things: a watertight container, a circulating pump, electricity and water. Choose your favorite container of virtually any size and style. Then, add a circulating pump and some water. Plug in the pump, and voila! Tranquility. If you need some extra help, consult the associates at your favorite gardening or home-improvement store.

Puka lava pavers

Easy to install, these pavers are the perfect mix of beauty and strength. Outside, use them to create a non-slip surface around your pool or even as the surface of your driveway. Indoors, the rich stone makes for a perfect pedestal under a stylish pot.

Water lilies in a bowl

Low on maintenance and high on visual interest, these floating flowers work in any indoor or outdoor space. Feed annually with water lily pellets, and make sure to add fresh water regularly. You will also want to drain and scrub the pot periodically, when you notice a thick layer of decomposed matter on the bottom.

Photo by Nathalie Walker

Bamboo screen

Outdoors, a bamboo screen works as a backdrop for your garden. You can even set it up as a trellis for climbing plants and vines. Inside, a bamboo screen works as a divider, perfect for delineating space in an over-sized room.