During summer, gardens and outdoor green spaces often look limp and lifeless because of lots of hot, sunny days and limited precipitation. No need to despair, just a few simple tips can help to rejuvenate any outdoor space:

Garden mulch

Mulch adds a nice, finished look to beds, paths and containers alike. It also helps to keep weeds out by blocking access to sunlight, reduces competition for water and nutrients from weeds, retains moisture in the soil where the roots can access it and moderates soil temperatures. In essence, mulching around plants, trees and shrubs is fundamental to keeping water where it is needed.

Hardscape color


A great way to bring back those fading colors of summer and add a fresh look to the patio, porch or balcony is with new pillows or cushions. This time of year most retailers have outdoor furniture and furnishings on sale, so a new color scheme isn’t necessarily out of reach. Also, add color with some fresh new containers, a splash of paint on old furniture or a new set of serving ware and napkins for a dinner party.


Lighting is always a fun way to perk up any space, especially an outdoor one. Whether adding a strand of twinkle lights around the porch, a few solar lanterns to light a path or some new candles to illuminate a dinner on the balcony, lighting can make all the difference. Recycle mason jars and wine bottles into new lanterns by filling them with candles or a string of twinkle lights.

Don’t let the heat of summer destroy the garden. Just following these few simple steps can bring new found color and interest to any outdoor space.