At Lokahi Garage Experts and our parent company Lokahi Stone Inc., our business has been all about making concrete look beautiful in Hawaii for almost a decade. From our expertise in pre-casting beautiful concrete countertops, polishing and coloring concrete floors to the placement and finish of commercial and residential decorative concrete installations, we are the experts in the decorative concrete business.

We recognize concrete as the one of the most useful and important building blocks of architecture, and we treat it with reverence and pride. However, as much as we love concrete, we know that not all concrete is created equal. Much like the fictional character, Forest Gump, once said in describing life, we like to say “concrete is like a box of Chocolates because ya never know what you’re gonna get.”

If you have a concrete surface that is rough and unattractive, chances are that when that surface was placed and finished, the design intention was to cover that concrete surface with another finish material such as tile, carpet, stone, wood or a lami-nate flooring system. In such cases, the concrete finishers and masons use specific techniques because they know the concrete will be covered and never seen again. These skilled tradesmen also use different, higher-quality techniques when placing and finishing concrete when they know that the surface will be visible. Similarly, utility areas such as lanais, walkways, basements and garages can be problematic for appearance and function: they may be finished too roughly, making the surface hard to clean and unattractive, or they may be finished with a slick surface that can be a slip hazard. We all know a wet slipper on a slick concrete surface can be very dangerous.


Having dealt with and repaired concrete issues such as these over the years, Lokahi Garage Experts is uniquely qualified to offer you a consultation and alternative Epoxy Products to mitigate the problems that can arise in new and existing concrete surfaces, and make those concrete surfaces both aesthetically pleasing and safe to walk on without slipping.

Imagine an attractive concrete surface that is easy to clean, maintain and leaves you worry-free of stains, unsightly concrete cracks and chips. Next, imagine that you can have this beautiful surface installed in just one day with a manufacturer’s material lifetime warranty that guarantees no peeling or delaminating. When you select one of the unique styling textures — stunning Saddle Tan, Dolphin or other Epoxy colors — from Lokahi Garage Experts, you will have confidence in its unparalleled quality, lasting beauty and trouble-free durability.

Lokahi Garage Experts’ coatings are also ultra low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and odor, making them family-friendly. Millions of square feet of Garage Experts Epoxy have been installed in homes over the past 10 years without fail. This is why the manufacturer has the experience and confidence to offer you a material lifetime warranty against peeling or delaminating from the existing concrete floor.

Contact the company for a free in-home/garage estimate and more details on these terrific products and services for your home or commercial needs.


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