Since 1986, Marblehaus Hawaii has established a reputation for having the best selection and variety of natural stones for interior or exterior use. However, after merging with parent company T. Oki Trading to form Hawaii Home Expo, it became apparent that carrying only natural stone would not satisfy the needs of a diverse and knowledgeable clientele. While still a leader in the market for natural stone, Hawaii Home Expo has also gained a strong interest in distributing porcelain tiles. To that end, the company is constantly on the lookout for suppliers that care about quality as much as aesthetics. The latest triumph in that arena is that Hawaii Home Expo is now Hawaii’s exclusive distributor of Stonepeak Ceramics.

Here is some helpful consumer information to understand before delving into the beauty and quality of Stonepeak material. Many people ask what the difference is between porcelain and ceramic. There is not much of a difference, except that the clays used to create porcelain tiles are more refined and purified than the materials used to produce ceramic. The end result is harder, denser and less porous. Since there are many similarities, people will often use the terms interchangeably. Don’t be confused, however, because the products at Stonepeak exceed the standard tests for any porcelain tiles on the market.

Speaking of tests, the quality can be determined by the test results. A typical tile is tested for things such as water absorption, resistance to chemicals, hardness, abrasion resistance and breaking strength. A typical porcelain tile must absorb less than 0.5 percent of its volume of water. The Stonepeak material is tested to absorb less than 0.1 percent. Porcelains must be rated at least five on the Mohs scale of hardness. All of the Stonepeak material is a seven or higher. The breaking strength is listed at more than 400 pounds, whereas the standard is 250. The list could easily go on, but the main point is that this product is manufactured with quality beyond the “standard.”


Another highlight of the products is that they are color body tiles. This means that the body of the tile is made to be a similar color to the surface. In the unlikely event that the tile were to be scratched, the abrasion would be much less noticeable because of the similar color of the tile’s body. In addition to this level of quality, it’s a green product with much of the tile produced from recycled content, and it’s made in the US.

If all of that wasn’t enough to convince Hawaii Home Expo to bring Stonepeak products to the local market, the innovative culture of the Stonepeak family certainly sealed the deal. Not only are the designs Italian-inspired, but the newest product coming out this year is incredibly inventive. The Plane series introduces tiles that are as large as 60 inches by 120 inches (that’s five feet by 10 feet) in only a 1/4-inch thickness. They are perfect for shower surrounds or large areas where clients want to minimize grout lines. It’s sure to be as extraordinary as the rest of the Stonepeak Ceramics line.

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