As the owner of D’s Plumbing and Ohana Home Additions and Remodeling, Frank Duarte has honed his craft as an integral cog in the family business. After learning the ropes with his father at the helm, he started D’s Plumbing more than 31 years ago, and is still going strong today as a general contractor.

Recently, Duarte has seen an influx in requests from customers looking to convert an existing bathtub or shower into one with more room, either for themselves to enjoy or for their parents to use in comfort.

Duarte recounts a recent job during which a woman was looking to expand a shower in order to accommodate her elderly father. D’s worked with the customer and decided on a design that involved converting part of an adjacent closet into space that could then be used to extend the shower. Stability bars and an easily accessible entryway to the shower were also incorporated — and all this was done within the allotted budget.


“We may be a small company, but with the skills that we possess, we are great in numbers,” Duarte says. “Many customers will tell me, ‘Working with you and your staff makes us feel like family.’ What better way to end a project!”

Duarte has realized through helping so many customers with these and other projects that most are not aware of some of the procedures involved with the renovations. He offers up a few suggestions for those considering such a project so they can better budget their time and money.

First, Duarte says that embarking on a renovation project is always easier at a house, whether it involves wood or concrete flooring, as opposed to working on changes at a condominium. Condos often have many regulations that could delay or hinder the renovation process, including: available parking stalls for the construction team; notice needed for the building manager to shut water off to the unit, and the amount of time the water will be off; the hours and length of time allotted for construction work in the building; and the number of running elevators, including those allocated for service jobs, during the day.

“All of these factors contribute to the time and effort it takes to compile a quotation, and as you can see, a homeowner with a house is faced with fewer limitations,” Duarte says.


Customer satisfaction is the top priority at D’s Plumbing. Duarte recounts stories of contractors who fail to deliver, whether it’s botching a job because of lack of experience or certification, or simply taking payment and not living up to the contract.

“As a small company, we offer personal service like no other,” Duarte says. “My men are skilled in so many trades, and it gives me great pleasure to watch them showcase their skills. More and more, clients will call me and tell me how polite they are throughout the job. You can’t imagine how that makes me feel.”

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