Do you enter your home through your back door more often than your front door? If so, you are not alone. In the majority of homes I visit, the residents more often use the back door.

Today’s article addresses how to balance the energy of the front and back doors in your home in order to welcome maximum opportunity. (If you live in a condo or don’t have a back door and think this doesn’t apply to you — read on! You can optimize your home’s energy flow without having a back door.)

The front door

The front door, one of the three “pillars” of feng shui, not only sets the tone for the house, but is considered the “mouth” of your home. Just as you need your mouth to sustain life, you need your front door to bring in life force. Your home literally “breathes” through your front door.

The back door

The back door, considered a feng shui positive, especially if you can’t see it from the front door, assists the front door in air circulation and energy flow around the home. Homes with or without unused back doors are prone to stagnation.


Back doors represent indirect or unexpected opportunities. So if you want more positive opportunities to come your way, pay attention to your back door.

Best usage of doors

If you have two main doors in your home, think of them as “partners” in your home’s well-being and make sure you use both. If either of your doors is underused, make it a point to enter that door at least once a week for a change in energy flow. You will be amazed at the new perspective it brings to your home and your life.

Remove blockage

Blockage at either door represents a blockage of opportunities that come into your life. So, clear the pathway to the door and remove shoes, umbrella stands, overgrown plants or clutter behind the door, making sure it can open fully.

No back door? Create one!

If you have no back door to transition you out of your space, “create” a portal by hanging an image — a landscape, forest scene, mountain scape or some scenic view — that draws your eyes to it and helps with the energy flow in your home.

Further, take action to make your back door “feng shui friendly” by doing the following:


• Place an attractive welcome mat at the back door, but make sure it is not bigger or bolder than the one you have in front.

• Paint your back door any color you’d like — it can be a fun, even bright color — but be careful not to “upstage” or diminish the importance of the front door, which is still considered the “queen.”

• Don’t forget to make the back door transition area into the home “pleasant.” If you have to walk through a laundry or storage room, make sure it is well-lit and contains uplifting items to greet you.

Positive energy flow

The goal is to encourage positive energy flow into the home through the front and back doors. In addition to the above basics, make sure your doorknobs, locks and other hardware are working properly. A door that opens easily keeps hassles out of your life.

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