Nurseries and playrooms on TV and in magazines might have you thinking your child could use a more playful environment. With a little creative thinking, you can transform any space into the perfect kid-friendly retreat:

Color the walls

Children are drawn to bright colors that stimulate their creativity. With Dutch Boy’s Crayola palette, a more fun and playful kids room is just a few paint strokes away. Whimsical colors like Cream Soda, Little Princess and Tropical Rain Forest will instantly transform your child’s room into a lively space. You don’t need to stick with one shade, either. Paint an accent wall or even do custom designs or stripes.

Fun-size furniture


Bringing in some pint-sized furniture pieces is a great way to make your children believe the room is meant just for them. Even if your budget is tight, there are plenty of options in fun-size furniture. Kids’ chairs and tables are great additions to help them comfortably color, read books, do crafts and exercise their creativity.

Dreamland bedding

Making sure your little one has a cozy, restful space to sleep is important, and balancing comfort with creativity can be less costly than you think. Letting children choose bedding or a quilt cover they love can make their bedtime routine go more smoothly. Matching pillows can help create a cohesive look, and fun cushions or bright body pillows can help kids sit comfortably on the floor with a book or game.


Storing all of your child’s precious belongings can be challenging, especially if the room is small. Closed cabinets and clear tubs are great for storing stuffed animals, craft items and action figures, while open bookshelves work well for books, games and puzzles. Open cubby systems are also a good way to teach young children organization skills while keeping their favorite toys easily accessible.