Are you looking to replace your windows, siding or doors? Do you find it difficult to sort out the information you receive from salespeople or vendors? Our team at Intero Group, Hawaii is here to help you with your home remodeling needs, and give you our latest tips on how to avoid rip-offs.

Many salespeople employ high-pressure tactics such as pushing you for a cash deal or up-front payment. We suggest that you evaluate how attentive salesmen are to your needs, not just how fast they can sign a contract. Also, do not be misguided about home improvement-related tax credits. Even your tax officer may not have all the information. To find out if you qualify for a tax credit, we suggest that you visit government websites and read the updates for the current year.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the volume of complaints about poor window replacements is second only to car repairs. The homeowners are upset with the poor workmanship, so sub-contractors and employee installers gain bad reputations. Since sub-contractors get paid for every window they install, they are encouraged to install as many as they possibly can, paying little attention to quality. And why do hourly wage employee installers often-times do a poor job? They also get paid by the window installed. As you can see, when profit motivates people and businesses more than happy customers, the resulting quality of their work is poor.


Finally, watch out for installers who do not install the right product. Before installation begins, compare the brand and model of the product (i.e. windows, siding, doors) delivered to your home with those listed on the contract, or ask to see the contractor’s order sheet. Make sure the suppliers are reputable.

At Intero Group, we believe that the quality work of our team, best materials and client relationships are key to the success of our business. That is why we work only with industry-leading manufacturers and never stop improving our skills.

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