It is no secret that rodents are everywhere in Hawaii. Similar to most pest infestations, two of the biggest contributing factors to rodent control are sanitation and exclusion: giving them less food and water to consume, and keeping them from entering. Like other pests, rodents are seeking shelter, food and water. If you minimize access to these, rodents will have little interest in cohabitating with you.

Hawaii’s most notorious rodent to deal with is the roof rat, known worldwide for its acrobatic skills (capable of leaping several feet). Rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter, and mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime. They can enter through plumping vents, attic vents, underneath doors — just about anywhere. Make sure these areas are screened and all the doors to your building maintain a good seal. By keeping as many holes and gaps covered as possible, there are fewer ways for rodents to get in.


Of course, keeping loading bay and exterior doors closed when not in use is a must. In addition, you should keep clutter to a minimum (inside your facility and out) to decrease the number of places where rodents can hide.

Maintaining proper sanitation also will decrease your chances of a rodent infestation. Dripping water pipes and other sources of moisture are especially enticing to rodents. Rats need about an ounce of water a day (a lot for a creature of its size!), so minimizing free water sources will go a long way in solving your rodent issues. Keeping tempting food sources properly stored in sealed containers, avoiding spillage and spreading debris on the floor also will limit the number of extra food sources for rodents. Of course, rodents are small and need less food than other creatures — so be sure to be thorough!

You also should consult an expert to help with your rodent issues. No matter the size or location of your facility, rodent pressure is always going to be present, especially in Hawaii. A professional pest control company, like Sandwich Isle, can guide you toward a rodent control program that fits your needs.


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