Do you currently use your dishwasher as an extra storage cabinet in your kitchen? If so, now is the time to consider replacing that old, noisy energy hog as today’s dishwashers are marvels of quietness and efficiency.

For example, the Bosch Ascenta has been recently named the No. 1-rated dishwasher and a “best buy” by the leading consumer review magazine. This Energy Star unit is the quietest and most energy-efficient dishwasher in its price category, yet does a remarkable job of getting your dishes clean. Most importantly, it does its job while using less water and electricity than one would use if doing the dishes by hand.


Every Bosch dishwasher has a sound rating printed on the control panel so you can see just how quiet it is. While the Bosch Ascenta has a 50 dB rating, other Bosch dishwashers can be as low as 39 dB — the quietest dishwasher sold in the United States.

The Bosch Ascenta is just one of many Bosch dishwashers available. From models that start at $599 to models that sell for more than $2,000, the Bosch unit you select will be the quietest and most energy-efficient dishwasher available. So stop doing your dishes by hand and add a new Bosch dishwasher to your kitchen.

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