NXT Cool Zone is a remarkable heat-reflecting roof coating that utilizes the revolutionary “Thermal Protection Technology” developed by Nutech paint to keep buildings cooler in hot climates. It contains nano-technology for improved water beading and a cleaner, longer-lasting roof with a 12-year material warranty by the manufacturer. Its colors are remarkably rich and beautiful. The product features special primer/sealers for rough, bare concrete tiles that have lost all of their color and started to deteriorate. There is no reason for an expensive roof replacement when your existing tile roof can last the lifetime of your structure.

NXT Cool Zone is manufactured by multi-award-winning Nutech Paint, one of the world’s largest and oldest roof coating specialists with more than 42 years of experience and 750,000 roofs completed worldwide. It spends more on R&D (Research and Development) than all its competition combined. The company started “down under” in Australia, where the hot desert-like conditions in the outback are legendary. It has since expanded to the U.S. with a large, successful operation in southern California.


If you have a metal roof, NXT has an anti-corrosion primer that will prevent rust from returning. After priming, two tough finish coats are applied for a beautiful finish.

Now dark colors don’t have to be hot colors. Dark painted roof tiles reflect as little as 5 percent of the sun’s heat. Until now, white roof paint was the only cool option, but not everyone wants a white roof. By contrast, NXT reflects between 30 and 91 percent of the sun’s heat, depending on color. NXT Charcoal, for instance, reflects 500 percent more heat than conventional charcoal roof paint. Simply put, NXT Cool Zone keeps your roof up to 86 degrees cooler, meaning the rooms below will be much more comfortable to live in — and your air conditioning bills will be reduced.

How does NXT Cool Zone do this? It uses an advanced cross-linking polymer with enhanced nano-technology for ultra durability and dirt resistance. They use fade-resistant pigments saturated with color — which is highly resistant to chemicals, UV light, heat and biological growth. It conforms to U.S. Energy Star Cool Roof requirements for roofs with slopes above 10 degrees. It has a full range of colors, including dark earthy ones that blend in with Hawaii’s nicest neighborhoods.


You can buy NXT at the Cool Roof Store at 575 Cooke St. in Kakaako if you wish to install it yourself. Or, if you wish to have a contractor install it for you, the Cool Roof Store will arrange for that. Call the company at 591-1900 or visit www.coolroofstore.net for more information.