When the weather is warm, Mother Nature becomes a shameless show-off. From clear, bright skies to lush green grass and vibrant blooms, the outdoors go bold and beautiful. So is it any surprise that this season’s outdoor decor is following suit?

Bold is the watchword for beautiful outdoor decorating this year, and it’s easy to find items — from furniture to wallpaper — that play to this theme.

“Bright colors, bold patterns and showpiece accessories are top trends in outdoor decor this year,” says Dani Nichols, a design-trends watcher for wallpaper purveyor Murals Your Way. “Whether your personal style is modern and chic or country and homey, you can find design elements that both fit your style and follow this trend.”


If you’re looking to add pizzazz to your outdoor decor this year, here are some ideas for bringing the bold and beautiful trend to your patio, deck or backyard:

Fire and water

Celebrating the elements is a recurring theme in decor, both indoor and outdoor. Where better to fete two of the most powerful ones — fire and water — than in your outdoor design? Color is an easy-to-change, low-cost way to incorporate the appeal of these elements into decor.

Adding a fire pit or a water feature such as a fountain, however, can be even more satisfying. Whether you opt for a large, copper fire pit on tall legs or a simple clay chiminea, incorporating fire into your outdoor living spaces boldly creates warmth, drama and ambiance. A water feature, whether a wall-mounted waterfall or a free-standing fountain, also is a powerful statement — one that can generate calm or mirth, depending on the style, setting and circumstances. Home improvement stores now carry a variety of fire pits, chimineas and water fountains to enhance outdoor environments.

Wall power

In recent years, murals and wallpaper have been gaining popularity for outdoor spaces. Technology like Luxuriant Fabric-Backed Vinyl by Murals Your Way, makes it easy to decorate outdoors. The durable material goes on virtually any flat surface and can handle the elements when a layer or two of polyurethane is added on top of the outdoor mural.


This season’s wallpapers feature bright, saturated colors and eye-popping patterns. Whether you’re looking for an intensely hued geometric pattern or a striking nature scene, you can find wallpaper options that mesh well with the bold design trend.

Color and customization

Color sets the mood, and can act as a foundation or accent in virtually any design scheme. This year, bold hues are popping up in nearly every element of outdoor decor, from vivid metallics and exotic reds, to lush blues and boisterous yellows. Orange is particularly hot this season, with everyone from paint makers to furniture designers incorporating every shade of orange imaginable — from tangerine to pumpkin — in their designs.

Color customization is another exciting aspect of the boldness trend. Homeowners wanting a profoundly personal outdoor environment can customize the interplay of color in their decor. Online, it’s easy to find companies that will create fabrics and upholstery from a color or pattern sample submitted by a homeowner. You can even color match your wallpaper with companies like Murals Your Way, which offer shoppers the ability to choose the pattern they prefer and alter the color to a myriad of choices.

This season, if you’re seeking a look that’s both on-trend and timeless, emulate Mother Nature and go bold. Your outdoor living space will be a celebration of nature, and the perfect stage for all your outdoor celebrations.



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