Hawaii homeowners looking to save money and reduce their electricity bills by installing solar photovoltaic systems can get even more bang for their buck by teaming up with neighbors, friends or family and taking advantage of a unique group installation plan.

Bonterra Solar, one of the fastest growing solar energy companies in Hawaii, is offering the Green Group Discount, a plan that helps connect homeowners to make solar installation easy and more affordable. When three or more neighbors — or even friends or family — sign up for new PV systems on their homes, Bonterra will give them the Green Group Discount, a significant savings on solar panels and installation.

“The Green Group Discount is already under way in Mililani, where a group of eight neighbors decided to band together and all get new solar PV systems installed,” said Bonterra founder and principal Andrew Yani. “Not only did we give them a great group deal for signing up together, but we decided to make group deals a major part our service to island residents.”


So far, five of the eight Mililani solar systems have been installed, and those homeowners already are realizing savings. The remaining neighbors will have their systems in just a few weeks. In addition to using group purchasing power to secure discounts, the Mililani homeowners also took advantage of Bonterra’s special financing options, which allowed them to lease the solar system with no upfront investment.

“The Green Group Discount doesn’t just apply to geographical areas,” Yani said. “Families and friends spread out across the island can join together and take advantage of the savings. And they know that by uniting, they are helping to keep Hawaii on a path to clean energy. So with Bonterra, the group that goes solar together, saves together!”

But there’s an added community bonus to Bonterra’s group plan. Since it was formed in 2009, Bonterra Solar has pledged a hot water system to every Honolulu Habitat for Humanity home.

In the rapidly growing solar industry, Bonterra has quickly climbed the ranks of Hawaii’s solar providers. Now in its third year, Bonterra has reached more than $6.5 million in sales, and Yani and the Bonterra team have become among the Island’s most trusted solar professionals.


Along with working with Habitat for Humanity, Bonterra was selected as the exclusive solar photovoltaic installation company for Gentry Homes, and it also works with other residential developers, such as Hunt Construction, to provide high-quality solar photo-voltaic systems.

Bonterra also assisted the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands in the development of Kaupuni Village in Waianae, the first net-zero community in the nation. Bonterra installed the solar systems on each of the 19 homes in Kaupuni Village, and continues to work closely with the homeowners to provide seminars and educational presentations to help the residents learn how to maintain energy-efficient homes.

“Just as the sun gives up its rays to create affordable energy, Bonterra gives back to the community,” Yani said.

For Yani and his team, Bonterra Solar’s Green Group Discount is more than a commercial venture. Bringing solar power to homes is an important part of helping Hawaii reduce its dependency on imported oil, while promoting clean, affordable energy in the Islands.


Bonterra Solar is located at 4218 Waialae Ave. #A203 in Honolulu. For more information on Bonterra Solar’s Green Group Discount, visit www.bonterrasolar.com or call 548-7657 (SOLR).

CONTACT: 548-7657 (SOLR)
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