After attending a Homeworks Construction Build New Or ReDo seminar, a couple with two young children decided that Homeworks was the right contractor for their project. They had recently purchased a 65-year-old home in Kailua with the intention of remodeling.

When Homeworks project coordinator Sarah VanDeVanter was contacted by the couple requesting a consultation, she agreed to meet with them at the home.


“Initially, we looked into the possibilities of remodeling, but after a close inspection of the home, inside and out, it became evident that the scales would tip in favor of a complete rebuild,” VanDeVanter said. “When I first proposed looking at building a new house, they were excited about the prospect of owning a brand new custom home, but worried about cost.

“Even with a significant budget of approximately $150,000 to $175,000 for the remodel, it would not be possible to turn this house around. The rooms were small and cramped, and the kitchen was completely closed off from the rest of the house with no natural light or ventilation. Also, the house had been poorly maintained and suffered from significant termite damage … then we discovered several illegal additions. When we reviewed the problems with the owners and explained what it would take to fix them, it didn’t take them very long to agree that rebuilding was the right decision.”

As a design/build firm, Homeworks was able to handle every phase of the project “in house” — from demolition, to plans and permits, to interior finishes. The owner, a professional chef, had specific criteria for his all-new “dream kitchen.” The entire creative process was a collaborative effort with the Homeworks team, including architect Mario Tadeo, kitchen designer Sean Bradshaw, selections coordinator Tanny Esperas and VanDeVanter. The completed home not only incorporates all the features specified by the clients, but its interior living space is 250 square feet larger than the old house.


“Together with Heather Hickox, who managed construction, the team brought the owners’ vision to life,” VanDeVanter said. “The contract was signed in July 2011 and the family moved into their new home last month. Now they are having fun with the finishing touches and the landscaping.

“When I made my follow-up call to make sure everything was working properly and met their expectations, the response was, ‘We just love our new home.'”

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