You have just purchased a new home. Or maybe you’ve opened a business. You’ve given thought about how to decorate, buying furniture and overall sprucing up your new space. But have you thought about how to go about protecting your property?

While Honolulu remains one of the safest of major U.S. cities, rates of property crime remain high. Depending on the source cited, property crime in Honolulu is between 15 and 20 percent higher than the national average in any given year. Anyone with a new home or business needs to seriously consider safeguarding what is theirs.


This is where APN Alarm Co. of Hawaii steps in. A local company based in Halawa Valley, APN (Advanced Protection Network) offers a variety of high-tech residential and business security solutions to clients. According to company president Steve Van Ness, quite a few savvy Islanders realize the importance of installing security as a preemptive measure and therefore, a business should also consider hiring surveillance services so that their business can be protected 24/7. “Many of our clients are new homeowners or someone opening a new business, and these people consider installing security as something that needs to be done,” says Van Ness.

APN Alarm Systems has been providing security solutions for Hawaii residents since 1996, but Steve Van Ness has been in the business far longer. “I’ve been in the security industry since 1986,” he says.”I started as a sales consultant with Emergency Network in Texas. I worked my way up, but I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and decided to start my own company.” In 1990, he started Affordable Security. In the matter of a few years, Affordable Security was nationally recognized as one of the most successful alarm companies in America. Yet Van Ness wanted new challenges, as well as a different lifestyle, and that meant relocating to Hawaii. “I’m a former U.S. Marine and was stationed at Kaneohe Marine Corp Base Hawaii as a helicopter pilot,” says Van Ness. “And my wife is from Hawaii.” In 1996, he and his family relocated back to the Islands.

Installing and running a security system can be a daunting task to many individuals, especially those who have recently been traumatized by a burglary. APN seeks to make the process less stressful by offering top-notch customer service. “Our salespeople are required to go through the entire process with a client,” says Van Ness. “They are there at the installation and they are there when it’s done to help show how the system works.” In addition, there always is a live person available 24 hours a day to answer client questions. As Van Ness observes, “When your alarm is going off, you want to talk to someone now.” The company hotline is manned by technicians and supervisors.


Like everything else, home and business security has embraced the high-tech era. “The tech boom has really hit the security industry,” says Van Ness. “Clients are amazingly connected now.” APN Alarm Company offers plans that allow clients to monitor their property from afar. “Our camera systems allow people to view their homes or businesses via devices such as smart phones or iPads. You can access and control your security system from anywhere in the world.” If there is a break-in or other breach of security, the alarm system can send an instant message or a text to your cell phone.

Should your security system malfunction or get damaged, APN has taken steps to insure you won’t be without security for long. “We stock back-ups of everything we sell,” says Van Ness. “There is no waiting around for spare parts to be shipped in. We are always prepared to remove and replace whatever isn’t working.” Repairs are very fast, and generally the work is done within 24 hours of the customer contacting APN.

Those looking to install a new security system can contact APN Alarm Company for a free estimate. APN offers a variety of plans to suit individual needs, and has both financing and leasing plans. Call 484-9411 for free consultations or visit the company’s website at

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