In feng shui, the kitchen, considered the most vital and important part of the house, nourishes us and sustains life. We embrace the energy that feeds us physically through food, financially through money and emotionally through our connection to our family.

What does your kitchen say about you?

The stove

The stove, considered “male energy” and the “wealth generator,” is the single most important symbolic factor when using feng shui to analyze the ease with which you prosper financially.

The stove represents fueling the engine of abundant manifestation and the physical energy needed to be productive. Pay attention to the stove if you have been feeling unproductive lately.

Stove symbolism


Burnt out burner. An inoperable burner means your ability to manifest new avenues of abundance and opportunities is limited. To regain your energy, replace any burnt out burners.

Unused burner(s). Not using all your burners is symbolic of being in a rut, lacking vitality and limiting your ability to benefit from financial resources. Consciously using burners that you haven’t used for a while will energize you and help you break free of old patterns.

Grimy burners. Dirty burners suggest a lot of wasteful and unnecessary expenses and a lack of clarity about where your money is going. Cleaning off the dirt and grime energetically opens your eyes to new strategies to manage your finances and optimize your personal energy.

Blocked burners. Blocked burners represent blocked opportunities. Use the top of the stove to cook, not to store food, empty pots and pans or boxes. A clear stovetop suggests that you are open to opportunities coming into your life.

The Refrigerator

In feng shui, the stove receives so much attention that the refrigerator, a necessary part of our food storage and an appliance we cannot live without, is often overlooked, yet is equally important.


The refrigerator, considered “female energy,” represents our feminine side and has a nurturing quality, “hugging and holding” our food. We take from the refrigerator and she never complains. Maintain the health of the refrigerator, by keeping it clean and well-stocked, especially if you are feeling drained by others’ needs and wants.

Refrigerator symbolism

Cluttered face. Many refrigerators resemble billboards or photo albums with magnets, which have “sucking” energy, and other paraphernalia on the door. In feng shui this shows who or what is draining your energy. Removing all paraphernalia from the refrigerator door will help restore your energy. If you feel compelled to place something on the refrigerator door, make certain it is energetically supportive.

Clutter on top. The top of your refrigerator should not be used for open storage. Anything placed in that area that is not decorative or beautifying represents burdens you may be carrying and cannot let go of. Clear the top of the refrigerator and energetically remove heaviness in your life.

Expired food. Storing expired food energetically holds you in the past and drains you of the energy needed to live an inspired life. Keep the contents of your refrigerator current and create the energy to nurture the right opportunities.

Honor the Yin and the Yang

Take some time to “honor” both the male and female elements in your kitchen to create a greater sense of balance in your life.


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