When homeowner Bruce Carlson was ready to spruce up the front entry of his new home, he turned to Granicrete Hawaii. The concrete walkway was previously painted and the area needed brightening up. The curves in the walkway would make it difficult to tile, and he was aware that concrete could achieve a “variety of textures and colors,” so Carlson decided that Granicrete would be a great solution.

He had seen a Granicrete Hawaii ad in Hawaii Renovation and decided that the featured look was what he wanted for his walkway. Carlson visited the company’s showroom, conveniently located in Waipio, just off the H2 freeway. There he saw a number of flooring samples, consulted with the staff, and scheduled a free estimate. A Granicrete Hawaii-certified installer took measurements of Carlson’s front entry and then provided a written estimate. Next, Carlson needed to secure approval to install the overlay from his neighborhood association. He completed a form and submitted it along with a Granicrete Hawaii brochure and photos of the desired flag-stone look overlay. In the meantime, Carlson scheduled his installation with Granicrete Hawaii.


Carlson’s overlay was a typical three-day installation. On day one, installers removed the existing paint and thoroughly cleaned the surface. Once dried, they poured and troweled a thin layer of gray-tinted Granicrete Base Blend onto the walkway. This layer bonds to the existing concrete and provides a smooth, blank canvas that enables installers to create custom looks such as flagstone, slate and tile.

The second day of installation involved creating the flag-stone design that Carlson desired. Granicrete grout line tapes were laid onto the dried base layer in a random stone pattern. Next, tinted Granicrete Authentic Finish Blend was poured and troweled on to create just enough texture to provide slip resistance. As the texture layer dried, the tapes were pulled up to reveal the base layer which gives the look of grout lines.

On the third day, installers sponged dry accent colors onto the dried overlay to create color variations as found in natural stone. The last step involved rolling a solvent-based sealer onto the hand-colored overlay.


Carlson is pleased with the transformation of his front entrance. The overlay “brightened it up and added a lot of value,” claims the homeowner. “Once we save up more money, we’ll do the back of the house.”

Don’t settle for drab, discolored or mildewed concrete floors any longer. Visit the company’s showroom in the Waipio Business Center to see various flooring and countertop samples. Call Granicrete Hawaii today at 626-5418 to schedule your free estimate. The company specializes in custom decorative concrete flooring overlays and staining. Stains are available in a wide variety of colors and are applied directly to your existing concrete slab without changing its texture. Granicrete Hawaii’s decorative concrete overlays and stains are great on interior flooring, patios, pool decks, walkways and driveways.

Concrete floors are easy to maintain and provide resistance to moisture, stains, mold and bacteria. They are a great choice for those with allergies, as concrete floors won’t trap dirt, animal dander, dust mites and other allergens. Solvent-based sealants used on exterior flooring also provide excellent weather and UV resistance. Simply sweep, mop or hose off stained concrete or decorative concrete overlays to keep them clean. Re-sealing exterior floors is required every couple of years to maintain the finish and color, while waxing helps to maintain interior flooring.


If you are interested in learning to install your own overlays, Granicrete Hawaii offers a DIY flooring and countertop class every second Saturday of the month. The class is hands-on, designed to meet the needs of do it yourselfers, and no experience is necessary. Students create three sample pieces while learning techniques that yield the looks they want to create at home. Upcoming classes are on April 14, May 12 and June 9. Visit the website or call 626-5418 for registration information.

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