In the past year CV Construction, LLC has built a strong reputation among its clients as a trustworthy company that provides honest, reliable service for a great value.

“We always try to give that extra and make sure the client is happy, and by happy, I mean to the extent that we’ve done our job right,” says project manager Victor Yeung, the “V” in CV Construction.

“We would not do anything less for our clients because it’s not worth it to go into the business if you’re not going to do what you’re supposed to be doing.”

Victor, whose background is in sales, met future business partner Chuan “Sam” He (the “C” in the company’s name) six years ago, shortly after returning home to Hawaii after some time spent living in California. Victor began by working part-time with Sam’s former construction business, eventually joining the company full-time in 2009.

Sam, who has an extensive 15-year background in commercial and residential construction on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island, decided in early 2011 that he wanted a new partner with whom to launch a new company that would better meet the requests and needs of his clients. He chose Victor as that person and within a few months, CV Construction was created.

The company hits a major milestone this week as it celebrates one year of business, which is an accomplishment in Hawaii’s competitive construction industry.


“We’re very blessed to be busy,” Victor says.

Since opening in March 2011, CV Construction has worked on more than 60 projects here on Oahu, including doctors’ offices, dental offices, financial institutions and restaurants. However, the majority of business revolves around residential projects, from kitchen and bathroom remodeling to home additions and other large-scale residential renovations.

But CV Construction doesn’t just build houses; according to Victor, the company develops one-on-one relationships with clients that often turn into lasting friendships.

“We don’t just do the project and leave. We get invested with our clients and (develop) a vested interest in their future, because we don’t just consider it a project — we’re dealing with people’s homes, we’re dealing with their livelihood, we’re dealing with what they live in. After we leave, they still have to deal with it day after day after day,” he explains.

“We’re family-style, family-oriented, and we take care of our clients just like we’d like to be taken care of. Everybody we have in our company is family.”

That extends to CV Construction’s employees, all of whom are either relatives or friends from Sam’s native village of Fujian, China.

“We take care of them like they’re our family too because they make CV Construction,” Victor states. “We’re just the name. They provide the services. We rely on their expertise to do the job very well.”


This confidence in its employees allows CV Construction to keep a majority of its work in-house. The company rarely, if ever, will rely on a subcontractor, which gives CV Construction control over the cost and timeline of the project, ultimately saving clients undue stress and money.

“We try to do the best job we can for the project price, and we’re always very fair,” Victor states. “We always offer (clients) choices, and we never go into anything blind or try to trick somebody. That’s not how we work. We agree on the contract, we follow the contract and we do the job that we were contracted to do.”

Victor adds that he is on call seven days a week should a client have questions or need to contact him regarding changes to the project.

“We keep the lines of communication open,” he says. “Open lines of communication mean no surprises.”

However, sometimes mistakes do happen, but Victor believes it is the way in which a contractor responds to the situation that makes all the difference.

“No contractor is perfect; it’s just how the communication is, how it is handled and how the client is taken care of,” he says. “I cannot promise every project will be perfect, but I can promise to all of my clients we will do the best we can and will always keep them informed about everything, whether through text or email or phone.”

Customers can call the office at 531-3888 to schedule a free estimate or stop by the showroom located at 1018 Smith St., near the corner of Smith and King streets. Hours of operation are 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday and by appointment only Sunday.


CV Construction also regularly posts before and after pictures of past projects on its Facebook page (search under CV Construction LLC), along with tips and links for DIY home renovation projects. Other ways to keep in touch are to follow the company on Twitter @cv8888 or visit its website,, to read client testimonials, see more photos or find out additional information.

“We want our clients to be happy, and we want them to talk about us,” Victor says. “We are not in it for a one-shot kind of deal. We’re here to stay.”

CONTACT: 531-3888 • 428-5191


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