Town & Country Builders LLC (T&CB) is a licensed general contracting design build firm that has been serving Oahu residents for the past 32 years. The company specializes in new and custom homes, remodels, second story additions, designer kitchens, bathrooms, Americans with Disability Act (ADA) modifications/improvements as well as multi-generational homes, and offers full construction services.

What defines a professional licensed builder?

Is it because the company’s combined strength of all its employees adds up to 30 years in business? Perhaps the company is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is in good standing with no complaints, or because there is a reputation in the community for completing first-class quality construction work? What about a company that has a strong commitment to ethics and echoes the message to its employees? Would you agree that a professional builder would be knowledgeable about all construction phases and would conduct business in a professional manner with customers, sub-contractors and his staff? Would you expect an outstanding builder to provide homeowners with a construction project schedule enabling everyone to have a clear understanding of the contractor’s commitment to a definite timeline to complete the work? Would a reputable firm not obtain a building permit for the project when it is required?

Customers’ confessions


It is amazing to hear the responses from customers as to why they hired T&CB to complete their construction project. Just last week, for example, a customer said, “the other building contractors made appointments, but never showed up.” The T&CB staff’s response was, “why would a builder make an appointment with a potential customer and not show up or call?”

Another comment was, “I would like to have my project completed right this time.” Apparently there was an unlicensed contractor involved the first time and the results were disasterous. Then there are numerous comments that T&CB has zero complaints, great customer satisfaction, performs quality workmanship and is a good communicator. All of these are good reasons to call today for your next project. We satisfy customers!

Hire a professional licensed contractor

You can reach Town and Country Builders at 737-7766 for a free in-home consultation or visit Town & Country Builders is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A-plus rating, is a certified remodeler and a recognized Builder for Excellence.

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