Have you recently installed new granite countertops and are not really sure how to clean and maintain them? It is possible that you might have an older natural stone countertop that has a lot of stains and is just looking “worn.”

Island Stone Center caters to Hawaii’s local stone fabricators and homeowners who have stone care maintenance needs. It is a one-of-a-kind store in Hawaii that sells products solely for the fabrication and maintenance of granite, marble, travertine, concrete and other types of natural stones.


For kitchen countertops stained by food, oil or coffee, use Mangia Macchia to pull them out. Cover the stain with the poultice, cover with Saran Wrap, leave overnight and remove in the morning. The drying action of the poultice will pull up old food and oil stains.

To prevent any future staining, use Proseal on your granite countertop, which can protect the stone for up to five years. Proseal is applied by spreading the sealer onto the surface, letting it sit for five minutes, then removing any excess. The sealer still will allow the stone to “breathe,” but prevent surface liquids from penetrating into the stone.

To maintain the stone after it has been cleaned and sealed, use Lustro Italiano cleaner and polish. Lustro Italiano cleaner is pH-neutral, which is necessary for maintaining graniteand marble-polished surfaces. Unlike some other household solvents, this cleaner will not shorten the life of stone sealants. Using cleaners that are not pH-neutral, like vinegar or any cleaner containing lemon, can abrade the polish from the stone.


Lustro Italiano stone polish is a spray-on wax that helps prevent water spots and works as a polishing agent to enhance the shine on polished surfaces. Compared to other polishes, it creates a deeper, long-lasting shine. Lustro Italiano stone polish can be used weekly or as needed. It is easy to use — just spray onto the polished stone surface and wipe with a micro-fiber cloth to create a long-lasting shine.

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